ETFE Boxes Azteca Stadium

We adapted the VIP and Plus areas of the Azteca stadium to be able to hold one of the official NFL games. The material selected were white inflatable cushions from ETFE, as its light and translucent characteristics make it an excellent material to create shade while maintaining natural ventilation.

Mazatlan Fc Stadium

The inspiration for this professional football stadium in the port of Mazatlan was the movement of the waves in the sea. This is perceptible in the shape of its roof, made of translucent PVDF that allows to create shadows within the enclosure, which extends creating organic lines that give rhythm to the structure.

Yankees George M. Steinbrenner field stadium

To give New York Yankee Stadium, George M. Steinbrenner field stadium more rest areas and shade, we installed different paraboloid membranes. To ensure their durability and resistance against weather conditions, all structures went through different tests.