Mundo Cuervo

The intelligent movement of the octopus on the seabed was the starting point for creating this forum with capacity for 1,500 people. To achieve this, we place a main mast from which a membrane is born that extends to cover the area. This is a project that breaks schemes, the lightness of the PVDF makes […]

Metropolitan Auditorium

Inspired by the geometry of nature, we created angles that required an exact installation to give the necessary height without deforming the structure. This is how we designed and installed this architectural structure made of PVDF in a strong red color and with precise cuts to create the layers that surround the entire enclosure. Venue […]

Movistar Arena

The inspiration for the design of the façade of this stadium is in day light, always changing due to the varied factors that alter it. We created a living façade, which with the translucency of the sheets made of ETFE always offers us new amounts of light. This material is made of double layer pressurized […]

Pritzker Frei Otto 2015

As inspiration for this project, we used the work made by Frei Otto in the Exhibition of the federal garden in Germany. Made of PVDF for the Pritzker Prize ceremony in 2005 in Florida. For this replica we worked in collaboration with Birdair.

Rafael Coronel Museum

Stopping the wearing effects of time and the natural deterioration caused by the weather served as inspiration to create a cover that could be used as a roof and protect the exposed interiors of the 400 year old enclosure. The structure had to be light enough for the museum to support it, so we used […]

Mexico Pavilion, Universal Expo Milan

The inspiration for the pavilion was corn husks; the challenge, to achieve their natural balance, using science to help us. The PVDF mesh sheets between 20 and 30 meters high were suspended to recreate the shapes that hold their core. For this project we conducted the engineering and structural calculation of the pieces. The translucency […]