Paseo Altozano

Inspired by flowers, we designed and developed huge tulips of 20×20 meters, capable of capturing rainwater and channeling it through their steel supports. These flowers became the icon of the mall where people can enjoy open and semi-open spaces.

Plaza Galerías

This is the perfect example of how we are inspired by nature: a spider web that captures and shapes a glass membrane to create this large dome without any intermediate support. Everything is based on tension.


Like a rising jellyfish, we created a geometry with double curvature integrated by a semi-dome. The cushions are designed with an IR CUT thermal insulation material that lowers the temperature below the cover up to six degrees Celsius. Designing the ETFE cushions cover for the most exclusive shopping center in San Pedro Garza García was […]

Centro Sur Mall

We let a red line run on the roof that marks and highlights the expansion we made in the coverages for the corridors of the shopping center in Guadalajara, in total they were 7,000 m2.

Paseo la Fe

The extreme weather conditions of Nuevo León were the starting point to create a roof that allows light to enter and give a feeling of being outdoors without inconvenience. To make this project possible, we took advantage of the transparency that the ETFE material gives us to create a light roof of cushions that covers […]

El Toreo

The first automated cover in Latin America was designed and developed by us. A lightweight dome-shaped ETFE structure composed of independently automated triangles programmed to have movement. We were in charge of the supervision and coordination during its installation.