Paseo Altozano

Inspired by flowers, we designed and developed huge tulips of 20×20 meters, capable of capturing rainwater and channeling it through their steel supports. These flowers became the icon of the mall where people can enjoy open and semi-open spaces.

Plaza Galerías

This is the perfect example of how we are inspired by nature: a spider web that captures and shapes a glass membrane to create this large dome without any intermediate support. Everything is based on tension.


Like a rising jellyfish, we created a geometry with double curvature integrated by a semi-dome. The cushions are designed with an IR CUT thermal insulation material that lowers the temperature below the cover up to six degrees Celsius. Designing the ETFE cushions cover for the most exclusive shopping center in San Pedro Garza García was […]

Subire GDL

In order to create an open and roofed space that could be used for parent conferences, festivals, and tournaments, we created a PVDF 1202 S2 material membrane that covered six basketball courts, 2,400 m2 big.